Food steamer machines / High temperature sterilization steamer

"We insist on the use of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel to production awarded patents with energy-saving effects and EU CE certification steamer. Provide you with the best quality and most reliable machine!"

"Hand your excellent product to Chuan-Kuei's excellent energy-saving steamer."

Steamer can not only steam food, but also suitable for Chinese herbal medicine, wine industry, plastic industry, fertilizer, industrial products, cosmetic material, cloth industry, high temperature sterilization and fermentation.

When the steamer is in operation, the water in the cooker will be boiled, and the food or objects will be heated and steamed through the steam.

The machine of the high temperature sterilization steamer is equipped with a fans in the machine to make the hot air inside the machine circulate and the internal temperature is heat well-distributed. And equipped with dry/wet electric heating tubes. The internal temperature of the machine can reach up to about 135°C.

The body of steamer is made of SUS304, which has good thermal insulation effect, easy cleaning and maintenance, hygiene, sturdy and durable; saves energy consumption compared to traditional steamers, the cooking time is greatly shortened, heat well-distributed and no dead angle at high temperature. It can completely present the good flavor of food and retain the original nutrients of the food.

The use of stainless steel rack trolley can push several layers of products together and pull them out of the steamer. There is no need to move the bulky bamboo steamer, and there is no need to worry that the moisture will make the bamboo steamer moldy. It is easy and labor-saving, time and energy saving, choose Chuan-Kuei's energy-saving steamer, it will be your good right-hand man with half the effort!