Boiler applied type of high temperature sterilization steamer

Series: CK
Specifications: "Single door, Single rack trolley(Match 15-layers floor type rack trolley)"

  • Must be used with a boiler.
  • Single door,Single rack trolley" needs the amount of steam : 80~100KG per hour.
  • The internal temperature of the machine can reach up to about 135°C.
  • Product Introduction
    1. The body of machine is made of SUS304 in sheet thickness of 1.2mm~5.0mm,, which has long service life and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
    2. The door panel is equipped with perspective strengthened glass, which can check the internal condition of the high temperature sterilization steamer.
    3. Patented adjustable tight handle can quickly and easily open and close the door of high temperature sterilization steamer, and you can also DIY adjust the tight handle to the best tightness.
    4. The patented adjustable tight handle can be effectively fixed to the groove of the fastening pad, and the handle will not be loosened due to the gas pressure inside the steamer. When the fastening pad is worn out and cannot be used, it can also DIY replace parts.
    5. The base of the adjustable tight handle make a full row, which is more durable for many years of open door use.
    6. The sword-shaped adjustable hinge on the side of the door can be DIY adjusted to the best air tightness.
    7. The piping parts are SUS304 stainless steel piping, Japanese brand “CKD” solenoid valve and pressure reducing valve which is Taiwan-made.
    8. There are three-segments functions for entering steam. Depending on the product attributes of the steamed, different functions can be switched.
    9. Equipped with dry electric heating tube. The internal temperature of the machine can reach up to about 135°C.
    10. There are fans in the machine to make the hot air inside the machine circulate, and the internal temperature is heat well-distributed.
    11. Easy to operation the electronic control panel which with temperature controller and timer. In terms of temperature, you can preset fixed temperature or keep heating up. Time can be preset also, and the buzzer is going to alarm when the set time is reached.
    12. You can purchase the electronic parts which used in the electronic control panel(electronic control box) locally when you need to replace the parts. Once a part failure, it is only necessary to replace the part, and the entire panel doesn't need to be replaced at the same time, which can save unnecessary costs.
    13. The floor type of rack trolley which matched with this model of high temperature sterilization steamer is made of SUS304 stainless steel square tube, and the wheels are 5 ”stainless steel Japanese food grade wheels, which can withstand temperatures of -20°C~120°C and can be directly pushed into the cold-storage. When high temperature sterilization, just push the whole trolley into the steamer, which is very time-saving and efficient.
  • Specification

    Dimension in mm、Quantity in pcs

    ModelSpecificationWidth×Depth×HeightMatched rack trolley
    Spacing/per layer
    Q'TY of
    steaming tray
    size of
    steaming tray
    Q'TY of products/per trayVoltage

    Single door, Single rack trolley
    (Match 15-layers floor type rack trolley)

    1245×1050×232096.515605×605Depends on container size220V,Single phase,4kW,20A


    Product are widely used in things that can be steamed,

    e.g. the following categories:

    Iron canned food, glass canned food (XO sauce, jam, etc...)