Gas type of commercial warmer&showcase

Specifications:465(6-drawers), 465(12-drawers), 605(6-drawers), 605(12-drawers), 485 size please ask separately

  • Suitable for LPG and LNG.
  • Product Introduction
    1. The body of machine is made of SUS304, which has long service life and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
    2. The three sides of the body are equipped with perspective strengthened glass, which can check the internal condition of the warmer(showcase), and the display effect is excellent.
    3. The drawers are easy to pull, and each drawer has a stop rail design, so you don't need to worry about falling items.
    4. The cooker inside the warmer(showcase) has been designed by us to have good thermal conductivity. The hand can directly brush the scale along the cooker wall, which is easy to clean and can easily maintain a good hygienic environment.
    5. Equipped with automatic water supply function, there is no need to worry about making up water and getting things done more efficiently.
    6. This model doesn't have an electronic control panel. In terms of temperature, the gas type uses a gas burner to adjust the firepower, so the temperature can’t be fixed, please be aware.The internal temperature of the warmer(showcase) can be view on the round shape thermometer above the drawer.
    7. Depending on the customer's needs, additional purchases can be made: signboard racks, fluorescent light and square tube lock for drawers.
      [★] The water tank has been revised and upgraded! The old version uses screws for the upper cover, and the new version uses stainless steel quick pull latch clamp. The upper cover of the water tank can be opened intuitively with bare hands without tools, which is more convenient every time you clean the scale inside the water tank.
  • Specification

    Size in mm、Quantity in pcs

    ModelSpecificationWidth×Depth×HeightInside the body
    Spacing/per layer
    Q'TY of
    steaming tray
    Size of
    steaming tray
    Q'TY of products/per tray
    (Take 110g bun for example)
    465GD-66-drawers777×700×14301206465×465Flat cut : 12
    Kneak round : 16
    605GD-66-drawers917×815×14301206605×605Flat cut : 30
    Kneak round : 36


    Product are widely used in things that can be steamed,

    e.g. the following categories:

    Bao, steamed bun, custard bun, stew, soup, Chinese rice dumpling(zongzi), Chawanmushi, savory rice pudding, buddha's delight, drink etc... for heat preservation and display.