Proofer (Single door)

Specifications:"Single door, Trolley type of proofer"

  • Provide a suitable temperature and humidity environment for the dough, so that the product has a stable level of edible quality, let Chuan-Kuei's proofer(fermentation cabinet) do you a favor!
  • Note: The actual sales quotation is only for the main body of proofer(fermentation cabinet). The "floor type of rack trolley", "rack trolley" and "stainless steel steaming tray" needs to be purchased additionally.
  • Product Introduction
    1. The body of machine is made of SUS304, which has long service life and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
    2. There are fans in the machine to make the hot air inside the proofer (fermentation cabinets) circulate.
    3. It is equipped with perspective strengthened glass and fluorescent lamp, which can clearly check the fermentation status.
    4. Equipped with automatic water supply function, there is no need to worry about making up water and getting things done more efficiently.
    5. Easy to operation the electronic control panel. Temperature and humidity can be controlled separately. Depending on the product attributes of the steamed, it can adjust different temperature and humidity.
    6. You can purchase the electronic parts which used in the electronic control panel(electronic control box) locally when you need to replace the parts. Once a part failure, it is only necessary to replace the part, and the entire panel doesn't need to be replaced at the same time, which can save unnecessary costs.
    7. When fermentation, the rack trolley which matched with trolley type of proofer(fermentation cabinets) just push the upper of the rack trolley into the proofer(fermentation cabinets), which is very time-saving and efficient.

  • Specification

    Size in mm、Quantity in pcs

    ModelSpecificationWidth×Depth×HeightMatched rack trolley
    Spacing/per layer
    Q'TY of
    steaming tray
    size of
    steaming tray
    Q'TY of products/per tray
    (Take 110g bun for example)
    601E1Single door, Trolley type1055×840×20209112605×605Flat cut : 30
    Knead round : 36
    220V,Single phase,3.5kW,18A


    Product are widely used in things that can be steamed,

    e.g. the following categories:

    Fermentation of food such as sour dough, bao, steamed bun, bread and other foods...