Related accessories

Related accessories—A great contributor to work together with various kitchen equipments / biotechnology Industries.
Want to save time and labor? Let Chuan-Kuei's durable and hygienic stainless steel rack trolley bring you a wonderful new experience!

Chuan-Kuei not only manufactures steamers, showcases, proofer(fermentation cabinets) and other related equipments, but also the accessories that match it are very important!

We will recommend suitable steamer, rack trolley and steaming tray accessories according to the different product attributes of customers, the amount of production and the site(space).

  • Stainless steel floor type of rack trolley / rack trolley / storage trolley
  • Stainless steel net tray, net tray(heightening frame), punched tray, holeless tray, drainage board(Inverted V shape)
  • Stainless steel work table etc ...
15-layers floor type of rack trolley
12-layers rack trolley
10-layers rack trolley
14-layers storage trolley
Stainless steel net tray
Stainless steel net tray(heightening frame)
Stainless steel punched tray
Stainless steel holeless tray
Stainless steel drainage board (Inverted V shape)