Proofer fermentation cabinet

Provide a suitable temperature and humidity environment for the dough, so that the product has a stable level of edible quality, let Chuan-Kuei's proofer(fermentation cabinet) do you a favor!

The proofer(fermentation cabinet) is suitable for the fermentation of sour dough, bao, steamed bun, bread and other foods... When the proofer(fermentation cabinet) is in operation, the water in the water tank is heated and evaporated through the electric heating tube, so that the dough is fully fermented and expanded under the corresponding temperature and humidity.

The purpose of proofing the dough is to make the dough regenerate and fluffy, so as to obtain the volume required for the finished product, and to make the bao, steamed bun and bread products have better edible quality.

There are fans in the proofer(fermentation cabinet) to make the hot air inside the proofer fermentation circulate to distribute the temperature and humidity evenly, and the fermentation effect is good. It is equipped with perspective strengthened glass and fluorescent lamp, which can clearly check the fermentation status.

Easy to operation the electric control panel. Temperature and humidity are controlled separately, which can provide the most suitable fermentation environment according to different food attributes. (The adjustment of temperature and humidity are relative values rather than absolute values, and the fermentation status will also be different depending on the water content and temperature when making dough, so sometimes it must be adjusted according to the situation.)

Proofer (Single door)
Proofer (Twin doors)
Fermentation room