Electrical type of commercial sous vide machine

Series: CKE
Specifications: NO.1

  • Sous vide is a low-temperature and constant-temperature cooking method.
  • The purpose is to make the food evenly heated and the nutrients are less likely to be lost.
  • Product Introduction

    In response to the rising market demand of social health awareness, Chuan-Kuei has developed and manufactured a commercial sous vide machine that can mass produce low-temperature and constant-temperature cooking. The temperature control of the control box can keep the water temperature in the machine at a constant temperature for a long time, so that the ingredients are evenly heated. It can retain the true taste of the food and the nutrition is less likely to be lost. It can also reduce carcinogens, help increase the tenderness of the meat, and have no oil pollution!

    1. The main body of the commercial sous vide machine and the electronic control box are placed separately, and the electronic control box needs to be hung on the wall to reduce the damp concern. Product size will be marked separately.
    2. Equipped with a temperature controller and wet electric heating tubes for constant temperature(the water temperature is kept constant for a long time).
    3. Equipped with a timer for set time, but doesn't have a buzzer. Because the cooking time of the sous vide method is longer than that of normal high-temperature cooking, so the machine doesn't have a buzzer reminder. When the actual temperature of water reaches the temperature you set, the timer will start timing. When the time reaches you set, the electric heating tubes will not be heat up anymore.
    4. Equipped with leakage circuit breaker safety device.
    5. This machine doesn't has automatic water supply function, you need to add water by yourself. The space of commercial sous vide machine is larger, so it is necessary to pour water close to the temperature you need, at the beginning. The function of our electric heating tube is to maintain the temperature you set for a long time.
    6. Equipped with a ball valve switch for manual discharge water.
  • Specification

    Size in mm、Quantity in pcs

    ModelSpecificationWidth×Depth×HeightQ'TY of products/onceVoltage
    SVNO.1Main machine outer 1180×700×1050
    Available internal size 1000×600×500
    Temperature control box 300×155×495
    Depends on vacuum package size220V,Single phase,5kW,25A


    Product are widely used in things that can be steamed,

    e.g. the following categories:

    It is suitable for vacuum packaging of fish, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, mutton, lamb, foie gras and vegetables to sous vide.